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First Day of Spring - Cherimoya Lassi

Balancing the Egg
Today is the first day of Spring...also known as the Vernal Equinox. Equinox means equal day and equal night; the Earth is not tilted toward nor away from the Sun, it is completely vertical meaning the Sun is directly over the Equator.
Every year for the equinox, Dad takes out an Egg and balances it on the rug. As kids we would try repeatedly, but only Dad had the magic touch. This year however, after being given the secret...I tried and the egg balanced easily heralding Spring!
That being said.....
I'm so excited that Spring is here! As much as I like winter and snow, I've been yearning for sunshine and warmer weather, and anything that reminds me of it. So as excited as I was about the date, I was even more excited that the Chinese supermarket had Cherimoya! It's a tangible sign of Spring's return. :)

Cherimoya (Custard Apple, Shalki) is a fruit originating from Central and South America, though it is also cultivated in Southern California, Southern Italy, Southern Spain, Portugal and South Asia. It has overlapping green scales and resembles Soursop/Sitafal, but it is much tastier. It has a soft sweet custard-like texture with flavor hints of banana and pear. Cherimoya is usually available throughout Early Spring, it was extremely fortuitious that they should arrive on the very First Day! 
Its light flavor and creamy texture make it perfect for a variety of dessert dishes.
One of my favorites is a mix of South American and Indian Culinary items; Cherimoya Lassi. The sweet custardy fruit mixed with the tang of yogurt makes a refreshingly light Springtime dessert drink.

Here is my recipe for a Creamy Cherimoya Lassi:

Makes 2 - 8oz glasses


1 Ripe Cherimoya
1 cup Yogurt*
1 cup Ice Cubes and Water
A Pinch of Salt/Sugar

*Vegan - Soy or Almond Yogurt

1. Peel the Cherimoya and take out the seeds being careful not to crack them open.
2. Place the fruit, yogurt, and pinch of Salt/Sugar in a food processor and blend.

3. Place the Ice Cubes and Water in the food processor and blend.

Serve with a straw and Enjoy!


  1. I love a good lassi. You have reminded me to make one, I'm thinking pineapple pieces!

  2. Nice story about the egg. Your lassi looks wonderful! I hope to find some cherimoya, you've made me very curious.

    1. Hi Gerard! Thank! I hope you do try it, I'd love to hear what you think!

  3. Hi Emily, I found some cherimoya at a supermarket! I quickly picked up a couple since there were only 3 or 4 left. I was struck at how full flavored it is. Very,very tasty. I have my glass of lassi by my side and really enjoying it. Your recipe is really delicious. It's starting to get warm around these parts so it hits the spot. I'm going to keep it on my radar. Thank you!

    1. Hi Gerard! I'm so glad you were able to get a hold of them to try the recipe, and I'm really glad you like it! It's great for warm weather it's refreshing without being too heavy. :)


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