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Happy New Year! 2018 - A return to blogging!

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year 2018!

I’m back! Did you miss me? You may have noticed my posts had disappeared for awhile... a long while, but I promise there is a good reason!

The beginning of 2017 was an absolute whirlwind, we started looking for houses in February which upset our landlord. They responded by immediately putting our home on the market, though we had no place yet. This led to repeated intrusions of our personal space by realtors without any sense of decency, decorum, or time...

Despite having a rocky start to our search that included lying, idiocy, and flat out racism; after bidding on 3 homes we finally found a home in need of serious work, in our price range, and across the street from my parents to boot! 

It took a few months but after extensive renovations, courtesy of family, friends, and gifted handymen our 1962 Colonial moved into the 21st century! It was truly a family affair with the many talents of our family members coming into the spotlight from painting and installing, to decor arrangement and landscape design. 

Gruhapravesam & Satyanarayana Vratham
Before moving in we decided to perform a traditional South Indian (Telugu) Housewarming Puja to clear the space and us of any lingering negative energy and just this October had our official Housewarming party to thank all those who've helped us during the move and reno. At this event, the Reverend who married us 5 yrs ago performed a Christian house blessing! 

We are settling in fine, getting used to the rhythm of the space and enjoying a much larger living space, backyard, koi pond, and kitchen garden. Of course, one of the first things we did was put in our kitchen garden. As we were planting, one of the workmen said, "You don't have walls yet and you're planting tomatoes!?" It may have seemed strange, but it was important to us and  proved bountiful! 

We want to thank you all for your continued interest and support, this past year was very tough on us from House-buying trials and tribulations, to a Cancer diagnosis, and the loss of a Loved One who helped inspire this blog. Despite these difficulties the continued support of our true family and friends continues to make all the difference. We hope that this year our blog will continue to thrive, and bloom!

We wish you all a very Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2018!

I leave you with this song that I find myself humming...



  1. Hi Emily, I am so excited to see you blogging again - completely understand the blog break and it is important to put energy into the things that matter and a new home is high priority. I am sorry to read that the landlord made your time at their property difficult and also the blatant racism, which is sadly becoming common - still you have a new home - you should both be proud of yourselves and having family and friends around, to help you on this journey can only make it sweeter. Welcome back and a Happy new Year to you too. I have some changes coming up in my life, which I really want to be for the best but am afraid of setbacks - so please pray for me too.


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