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Simple Menu Ideas for your Summer BBQ's

This Simple Menu Plan will help make putting together your own Backyard BBQ a breeze!

Onion Soup with Collard Greens

It snowed yesterday. Well, it didn't just SNOWED!
Work closed early and the Governor declared a state of emergency, so there in my naiveté I thought I would get home without too much fuss. 
Boy, was I wrong.

For most of the drive, I was going a whopping 5 mph and pulling over every 15-20 minutes to clear off the frozen wiper blades. When I finally arrived home, in one piece thank God, I found that the side streets and our street had not been plowed. So after a nice Hot Chocolate, I geared up and went out to brave the cold...shoveling our driveway so Kishore would have somewhere to park when he came home.
The end of our street...
not plowed till 10am the next day
After a 2.5 hr drive home, which usually takes 30 mins, and cleaning out the driveway, I needed some substantial comfort food. But I'll admit I was too tired, lazy, and hungry to make anything that was going to take more than 30 minutes to cook.
I wanted soup...Onion Soup to be specific...but I needed something more substantial so I added the beautiful Collard Greens I bought Monday.

Simple, Satisfying and Healthy!

Here's my recipe for Onion Soup with Collard Greens:

Serves 3-4

1 large Yellow Onion
1 cup Collard Greens
4 cups Vegetable Broth
1 Tblsp. Butter or Olive Oil
2 Bay leaves
1/4 tsp Black Pepper
Salt To Taste

Garnish: Shaved Belgioioso Parmesan Cheese, French Bread


1. Wash and Prep your veggies. Wash your Greens remove the thick center vein and tear the leaves into larger than bite-sized pieces. Cut Onions into half moon rings.

2. Heat up the butter or olive oil in a stockpot. Add onions and cook till translucent.

3. Add the Collard Greens and cook for 2-3 minutes till they turn vivid green.

4. Next add the vegetable broth and bay leaves. Simmer uncovered on low for 10-15 minutes.

5. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve topped with Shaved Belgioioso Parmesan Cheese and Crusty French Bread.


Since this dish contains Collard Greens, I thought I'd give it a try in Simply. Food's Let's Cook With Green Vegetables Event. Please take a look at her lovely blog!


  1. This soup looks delicious and healthy too.

  2. Collard greens are muy delicioso!

  3. Looks wonderful and healthy. Perfect for this cold weather.

    1. Hi Amelia! It was great after being out in those low temperatures. I love snow but I'm ready for Spring now! :)

  4. It looks delicious!!

  5. This is a great post, thanks for writing it


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