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Simple Menu Ideas for your Summer BBQ's

This Simple Menu Plan will help make putting together your own Backyard BBQ a breeze!

Snow Day - Spanish Hot Chocolate!!!

Snow days bring out the kid in all of us. As a kid snow days meant 3 things: 

No School, Hot Breakfast, and Playing in the Snow (ie. Snow Angels and Snow Forts). 

The view from the Kitchen
As an adult they have a different meaning, One word...Shoveling. Instead of moping and grumbling about having to clean the foot of snow off our driveway or dwelling on the fact that our street wasn't plowed until almost 8pm; I decided to celebrate the snow day. One thing I loved when I was little was when my Mom use to make Spanish Hot Chocolate on snow days. I remember her asking if we'd like hot chocolate and then proceeding to say, "Chocolate, Báte, Báte."

This Spanish- Mexican folk song tells how to prepare the hot chocolate. It literally means beat the chocolate. The word 'báte' comes from the verb 'batear' which means to beat or whip. As you heat up the milk and chocolate you use a 'Molinillo' by rubbing it between your hands to beat the chocolate; making it deliciously frothy.

When I woke up and saw the amount of snow on the ground, I went down to the kitchen singing that little verse in my head. Needless to say we had a nice hot breakfast with hot chocolate before braving the cold to clean the driveway.

Here's my recipe for Spanish Hot Chocolate:

Spanish Hot Chocolate

Serves 2
1 Bar of Spanish Chocolate (Unsweetened)
2 cups of Whole Milk*
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Ground Nutmeg
1/4-1/2 tsp Chili Powder
1 Tblsp Sugar*

Special Equipment: Molinillo or Whisk
Optional Toppings: Whipped Cream &Cacao Nibs
*Vegan- Almond Milk;Coconut Palm Sugar

1. Heat the milk in a pan on the stove on medium but don't let it boil or scald. 

2. Chop the chocolate and add it to the warming milk. 

3. Use a Molinillo or a Whisk to continuously mix the chocolate and milk till the chocolate melts throughly. Approximately 5 minutes.

3. Add the Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Chili, and Sugar. Continuously mix till spices are incorporated and fragrant. Approximately 5 minutes.

4. Turn off the heat and pour into mugs. Top with whipped cream and nibs if interested.
Sit back and enjoy!

Tell me, What was your favorite part of having a snow day?


  1. Oh my gosh. I have had Spanish Hot Cocoa before, and I loved it. Sadly, it was from a packet. I would love to try this recipe. <3
    It looks yummy. :)
    Hot cocoa, reading or going outside to play in the snow are always my favorite snow day activities. :)
    Be well!

    1. Hi Crystal! I hope you do get a chance to try it, I'd love to hear the review!
      Hope you visit again!
      Take Care!

  2. Hi Emily,

    Hot Chocolate looks fabulous.. you know the whisk you call Molinillo, we south Indian, have use a similar (I did say exact same!) one and call it Mantu. It is such coincidences that makes me feel world has always been a small place :)

    1. You're right it is an amazingly small world! We are all much closer then we realize sometimes. :)
      I hope you give it a try, I'd love to hear what you think! :)

  3. This looks divine. I have never tried Spanish hot chocolate but I am a big fan, especially during winter.

    1. Hi Amelia, Thanks for stopping by! Spanish hot chocolate is addictive; it's reminiscent of Chai with the added bonus of chocolate. Hope you get a chance to try it some time. :)

  4. I have this at the coffee shop near my home. It's not anything like homemade though!

    I made hot chocolate on the stove once for my husband and I can't do that anymore because then he wants it every day... hahaha

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Yup, It's addictive! I've had the same problem with my hubby since his introduction to it! :)

  5. Happy New Year to you and please can I have some Spanish Hot Chocolate, no snow in Wales yet, but its still winter - so you never know when it may sneak up on us. Look forward to seeing more of you blogging.


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