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Grapevine Canyon, Nevada - USA

I’m excited to join up again this month with fellow blogger Fiona Ryan's  A-Z Guidebook Travel Linkup over at Tiffin Bite Sized Food Adventures. This travel tale link-up goes from December 15th - December 22th, this time travels with the letter "H".

"G" is for Grapevine Canyon, Nevada USA

Grapevine Canyon, also known as Christmas Tree Pass, has some of the clearest most beautiful petroglyphs I've ever seen. They can be found by following the trail from the parking area, beginning about a 1/2 mile down the trail. The 250+ rock drawings are etched high up on large boulders some as recent as 200 years ago to more than 1000 years ago.

We spent a few hours slowly walking and wandering through the canyon, taking in the petroglyphs and trying to decode their stories. The hike offers tremendous views of the Colorado River Valley, seasonal waterfalls, a gigantic patch of wild grapevines running over a 100 feet long and naturally formed amazing artful geological formations.

Grapevine Canyon lies to the south of Spirit Mountain, the highest peak in the Newberry Mountains. Rising to an elevation of 5,639 feet above sea level, the mountain plays a prominent role in the religion and mythology of the local people. They believe the mountain is the spiritual birthplace of the tribes. Their creation story says that at one time all people belonged to one great tribe, but they began to quarrel. The Creator, Mutavela, settled the dispute by dividing the great land and people into four sections North, South, East, and West.

Spirit Mountain and the surrounding canyons collectively have been named a Traditional Cultural Property and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of their significance to the local tribes including the Mohave, Hualapai, Yavapai, Havasupai, Quechan, Pai pai and Maricopa.

While visiting, you are asked to please respect this sacred space. Do not deface the petroglyphs. Do not touch or climb on the rocks or panels.

Look, observe, and imagine, what story do you see?

For more Letter "G" travel stories, visit A-Z Guidebook Linkup. Stay tuned next month for more travel, centering around the Letter "H"!
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  1. Finally, when all the Christmas fuss is over, I have had a chance to come back and read your post. I have never heard of Grapevine Canyon, though I have visited Nevada before. Mr Tiffin was very interested in this posts as he loves archaeology, ancient cultures, rock art etc. If you visit Australia, there is an Aboriginal rock art painting of a wooden sailing ship in the middle of the desert in the Northern Territory. It depicts the arrival of white man to the country. Not very old but strange to see 100's of KM from the coast.

    1. Hi Fiona! I completely understand, I'm still recouping myself! This area is definitely off the beaten path. We weren't sure we were in the right place at first because there was't anyone else around. I'll have to put up my other photos and let you know so Mr. Tiffin can have a look! Wow I'd love to see that, it's an incredible part of history. Australia is high on our list, we'll get there! :)


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