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30+ Recipes for Ugadi 2023

This year Telugu New Year also known as Ugadi is Wednesday , March 22nd .  It is usually celebrated with the reading of the New Years' almanac and traditional foods. You can read more about our celebrations from previous years here:  2014 ,   2015 ,   2016 ,   2018 ,  2019 ,   2020 ,  2021 , 2022 , 2023 . Here are a few recipes to add to your table:

How to Tuesday: Naturally Dyed Easter eggs

We will officially have an early Spring this year, not because of Punxsutawney Phil's prediction but because the Vernal Equinox was March 19th. That's 1-2 whole days earlier then usual, in the past century it's been either March 20th or 21st! 

An early Spring means an Early Easter, this year - April 12th (Orthodox Easter - April 19th), so here's an infograph for all your Egg dyeing needs!


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