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Simple Menu Ideas for your Summer BBQ's

This Simple Menu Plan will help make putting together your own Backyard BBQ a breeze!

10 year Blog Anniversary!!!

September is my 10 year Blog Anniversary!!! 

I can't believe it's been 10 years! I want to sincerely thank all those Readers, Commenters, and Sharers, who have encouraged me to continue blogging!

Here's a list of my Top 10 Recipes from the last 10 yrs!

10- Andhra Style Shrimp Pickle/ Corn & Cabbage Vada
  9- Costa Rican Beef Stew - Caldo de Res
  8- Banana Pumpkin Dog Treats / Irish Chicken Leek &     Potato Bake
  7- Spanish Hot Chocolate
  6- How to Make Rose Syrup
  5- Chicken Chili
  4- Thai Green Eggplant Stir-Fry
  3- Thai Lettuce Wraps/ Salt Cod Fritters - Bacalaítos
  2- Fabulously Spicy Falafel
  1- Quick Pickles

Thanks Again Everyone and I'm looking forward to celebrating more anniversaries down the line! :)


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